Our way of working

As a family company, we attach great value to good manners such as showing mutual respect and working in close cooperation as part of a team. You will also be given every opportunity to provide input, take a proactive approach and maximise the potential of your talents and abilities. In fact, it's something we expect from you - after all we cannot grow on a global scale alone! To achieve that, we need dedicated and passionate professionals who will challenge us to raise the bar even higher.

Our values:

We’re all equal

  • We work together in harmony and show mutual respect
  • We're all equal, no matter what role we have in the larger process

Sense of urgency

  • We challenge ourselves in the pursuit of improvement
  • We seize opportunities with every chance we get

It’s a two way street 

  • We not only actively encourage the input of new ideas, we take the time to listen and act on it
  • We create a safe working environment where all feel free to speak their minds and be critical

We have one goal

  • We share the same goal and work towards it together
  • We work as a team

No games

  • We act on facts, not on faith
  • No hidden agendas! We are transparent and accept our responsibility


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